my new blog link

Here is my new link: bright-eyed girl.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments this past week and past months. I have really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and stories and I hope that I have more interesting stories to share (possibly even some German stories). Thanks.

life just really sucks

…no more German…
…no more Germany…
…no more Hamburg Bound…

I will be taking a break from the blogging world to regroup and start another path. I will be posting my new blog link soon.

the four letter F-word


Last night we saw the fire creeping over the hills. It is the first time that I saw flames among all the smoke and ash that we have been living in this week. My family’s house is not in the path, but it is scary how close the fire actually is to us. This week we all decided to stay inside after seeing how dirty everything has become outside from the ash-saturated air. Everything is covered in ashes and dirt — you feel dirty everytime you step outside to walk to your car. This morning, the sun seemed to be neon-orange due to the smoke haze that lingered above our heads. Hopefully the weather will calm down by the end of the week and the firefighters will get everything under control.

Let the countdown begin!

One month from now I will be back in HH — just for a quick visit — and I can barely contain how excited I am.


Since my flight is approaching the holiday season, I paid a bit more to have a shorter flight AND only one connection! After several flights to HH with 3+ connections (each with 2-3 hours layover time), I am starting to realize that a super cheap flight has lower priority compared to, let’s say, my sanity.

Hopefully the next four weeks will fly back, so I can catch my plane just in time for Thanksgiving in Hamburg.

insert baby feet here

I knitted these baby booties last weekend with this great dyed yarn.


I was a bit apprehensive if I had enough yarn, but I did, so I made a matching newborn cap.


In comparision to my size 7 running shoe:

my trip to Minnesota

Back to the blogging world. I am a bit apprehensive about writing about my daily activities and thoughts, but I think I have figured out a way to keep writing without feeling that I am exposing my loved one to prying eyes.

As the title states, I flew back to my home state a couple of weeks ago to take care of my father’s estate. I decided it was going to be a quick trip, not counting the couple of flight delays (2 hours in Phonenix and 5 hours in Salt Lake City), so I spent Saturday and Sunday visting with family and friends, checking out the old neighborhood “hang-out” spots (i.e. Caribou coffee, the mall, Uptown), and eating. When I was stuck in Phoenix, waiting to connect to Minneapolis, I started to think about all the yummy places I used to eat in MN. So I made a mental list to eat at some of my favorite places, if I had time. After arriving in Minneapolis, my stomach took over. When I was driving all over the Twin Cities to visit old hang-out spots, I ended up eating and eating and eating. I went to the Edina Grill, then I ate some Knusen caramels @ the G.S., then Cafe Latte cake, finally made it to the Chalet Pizza Place, and of course, drank some non-Starbucks coffee @ Caribou Coffee. Other than the tummyache, all the eating was worth it. Below is a photo album of some of locations that I visited. Minnesota is such a beautiful state with friendly people and great food; it was nice to be reminded where my roots are.

Back in Minnesota

german “catch-22”

With all my free-time on my hands, I promised myself that I would open my german books, so when I am back in Germany, a full complete sentence will come out of my mouth. One could only dream, right? A couple of days ago I ordered German grammar practice books through a local seller on Abebooks. The nice thing was that I could use my Paypal account, rather than give out my CC information. Simply really, until I started to worry about completing the order. I waited to received an email that explained where to route my payment. I received a couple of emails through the abebooks.de website; nothing that seem to hint where to send my money.

After a couple of days, I took another look at my emails, and translated every word. The first sentence clearly states (in German) where and how to pay the seller. I guess I need those books more than I thought.


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